The High Strung Band burst onto the local music scene in 2013. It was the brainchild of Mark and Alisa Cornwell as an acoustic trio. After a short stint as an acoustic act High Strung began to get interest as a full electric band as their popularity rose. Mark, Alisa, and now full time drummer Rick Pisani decided it was time to fore go acoustic music altogether. Over the next year it became obvious that using part time and fill-in bass players was holding back the band, and Carl Gabel became the permanent bassist and fourth member of High Strung. 


High Strung has been performing over 100 dates a year, and continues to focus on classic rock, southern rock, and modern country music. In 2017 the High Strung band released their first original album, “One Time Around.” A year later, in 2018, they debuted their popular video “Angeline.”


The band builds their fan base the old fashioned way; playing well and making sure their fans are appreciated and most importantly considered friends, and even extended family.




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